Like all good blogs, interest in posting wanes. The forum continues at a snail’s pace with post counts increasing in the late Spring, Summer and Autumn (climbers don’t have a fall season). What happened since the last post? Multiple seasons. New routes. New areas. Revisited old areas. More fires. The Dardanelle Resort came back though! Golden Chain climbing shop opened in Jamestown! All the while we had a pandemic.

The snowmobiling was incredible. Hopefully you got out on ski or sled to see some SPH backcountry covered in fresh pow! If not, get a sled! It will blow your mind!

This season seems slower to me, but unique in one way. For me it is slower with more family time, babysitting nephews and niece. So my time on rock seems way less than typical even though I live just down the hill. My trips to the SoYo completely stopped with the fire that closed Minarets rd. Yosemite went to a reservation system so getting into Tuolumne or Yosemite is a nighmare of planning time off mid week and trying to find a partner. But the one thing that is unique is more SPH seen on Insta. A younger crew of locals has taken a keen interest in visiting all the random crags peppered on the hill. Its a Yosemite training ground for some after work. For others its new terrain without the drama of Yos. For some its just their backyard.

For my part I’m stoked to see the new blood getting out, cranking and laughing and lovin the SPH! That’s what its about! So maybe we’ll see folks at the end August where we hope to do a Climber Get Together (outside without kissing and huggin each other during a pandemic). If we don’t see you there, hope to catch up in the parking lots of the crags after a good day!


Munge E. Climber