Rock Climbing on Hwy 108

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Spring 2018 – it is here!

Snow still covers some forest service roads, but the highway is open to Kennedy Meadows. Typically that means Chipmunk Flat and Burst Rock are definitely going to be a little ways off before being accessible. However, there is a ton of rock between Sonora and the gate closure that is accessible.

Typically Quickie Mart, Legoland, The Egg and Yolk, Mill Creek, Short Cracks, and The Vista are accessible.

I hear Kennedy has breakfast and lunch available on the weekends at this early time of the season. In May they’ll probably have longer hours.

Cal Trans says the Pass itself will be open by Memorial Weekend. I suspect they’ll be open before then, but who knows. There are a couple maintenance items that needed to be handled this year.

Folks have asked about access to Potters and PLSW and Weeping Wall. Check the forum for the latest updates.

Winter 2017 update

This has been one of the biggest snow years on record. A late Pass opening is expected this season. Dodge Ridge has tons of snow. Snow mobiling dealerships are practically sold out of inventory. And the Columbia Arboretum had five feet of water in it.  Waterfalls on Table Mtn were in full swing, so a flower display of huge proportions is probably on its way, after the rain stops.  BC skiing on the Pass will be the order of the day.

End of 2016

End of 2016 means cooler temps, but easy access to the Pass. Miwok was skiing yesterday. I drove to the top of Pinterest Peak. Some snow, but driveable. I would love to see more water, but as long as I’m climbing, I’ll take it.

Hope you’re getting out!


End of 2016 – Get on it!

End of 2016 climbing season seems to be approaching. Colors of Autumn are in full blaze at Chipmunk Flat and Golden Staircase areas. Temperatures dipped significantly on Sunday afternoon thru today with the Pass closing temporarily.  I managed to get out with Miwok and Vic to climb on some new high country granite. Hope to have directions and a topo forthcoming.  Otherwise, now is the time to climb at Weeping Wall, Short Cracks and other sunny locations in the 6k elevation range. So many spots, so little time. Get on it!  Columbia bouldering and Table Mtn season are just around the corner!

Two Months In

Well, two months in. Not many climbers at the crags, not many people posting. I have to remind myself that SPH will never be a Yosemite with a deep reservoir of climbers posting a lot. And yet, I’m surprised that there aren’t more climbers on SPH. The granite at a lot of the destinations is impeccable, and some granite is a little crusty, but overall there is so much I’m often shocked at the absence. If that wasn’t enough, both styles of ascent seem to find there respective places on SPH. And even true mud and Pinnacles climbers could find stashes of high quality volcanic material to climb on.

It is a good thing of course. And with the infrequency, that means usually you’ll run into friendly types who are just as surprised to run into another like-minded soul.

Hello world!

What to say in a first post of a Mungeblog?  Just transitioned from the old host to the new host. The Installatron version capability didn’t actually work. Fixing it will require editing the database possibly hundreds of times. Unfortunately, it is a more valuable use of my time to just create a new forum. I’ve still got the old one backed up, so if we need to we can extract from it. Maybe Holo will lend a hand. In the meantime, it’s kind of nice to have a clean slate. Especially reposting weekly favorite pics. So many good SPH memories.

ION, Chriz is going up on Zod. Stoke for him is high. Going to go to the Valley during high tourist season. wtf?  That’s why we go to SPH.