Snow still covers some forest service roads, but the highway is open to Kennedy Meadows. Typically that means Chipmunk Flat and Burst Rock are definitely going to be a little ways off before being accessible. However, there is a ton of rock between Sonora and the gate closure that is accessible.

Typically Quickie Mart, Legoland, The Egg and Yolk, Mill Creek, Short Cracks, and The Vista are accessible.

I hear Kennedy has breakfast and lunch available on the weekends at this early time of the season. In May they’ll probably have longer hours.

Cal Trans says the Pass itself will be open by Memorial Weekend. I suspect they’ll be open before then, but who knows. There are a couple maintenance items that needed to be handled this year.

Folks have asked about access to Potters and PLSW and Weeping Wall. Check the forum for the latest updates.