– Originally the site was intended as a supplement to the first version of the guidebook in the early days of internet free hosting. The site became more useful as a forum for a disparate group of climbers that didn’t really have a ‘Camp 4’ to hang at. On Highway 108, some are clipping bolts down at Table Mtn, some are scrapping up mossy moderates, others are pulling on choss, and even fair bit of quality Sierra granite was developed over the years.  “SPH,” as it has been affectionately referred to, will never be Yosemite Valley.  There isn’t the sheer quantity of long classic clean granite climbs.  However, there also isn’t the crowds of Yosemite Valley.  As the season changes, you’ll find a few of us heading up or down the highway as the weather prescribes.


Munge E. Climber