BE SURE TO POST AT LEAST ONCE!  I crop users that don't bother participating. No free rides.;) Tell us who you are? Where you climb at on 108 usually?  And beta is usually appreciated.

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That works. I have only climbed at the Gianelli Edges and I am not familiar with any of the other climbing spots.  I can head out of Twain Harte anytime after 4pm tomorrow.  Let me know where and when you would like to meet.
Hi Bob!

Rob, I am thinking of going rock climbing after work Friday.  Are you available/interested in climbing with me or know of someone going climbing that wouldn't mind me tagging along?

Younger one, red ski boots.

Thanks for the ride.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for all the backcountry skiing information this season.   Sunday a friend and I skied Leavitt Peak and we skied down Blue Canyon to 108.  We started walking up the highway to the pass then a guy and lady in a Toyota truck picked us up and gave us a ride to the pass.  If you know them please tell them we are very thankful for the ride.

The Blue Canyon was ski able just about all the way to 108, there was one spot where we had to take our skis off.  Next weekend there probably wont be enough snow to ski the lower sections.

I also skied No Name Peak and a chute off the McKay Creek near Sardine Falls.

Hi Rob,

I am planning on skiing Night Cap Peak area Saturday; either climbing out of Kennedy Meadows or bicycling up the highway to near Chipmonk Flat then climbing up from there. Is it legal to bicycle on 108 past the closure gate? Do you know of anyone that might be interested in skiing this area with me?
Thanks Rob,
I explored the Clark Fork area.  From the end of Clark Fork Road the trail goes just about to the base of Stanislaus Peak.  There is good snow coverage on North facing slopes and the snow is not suncupped.
Hi Rob,

Do you have any experience skiing the Bald Peak area off of Clark Fork Road or Night Cap Peak climbing out of Kennedy Meadows?

Is there anything else in these areas worth skiing?

Thank you,

Thank you for the information.

Attached are the backcountry lines I skied or looked at skiing between the top of Dodge and Burst Rock.  Are these the lines you guys are skiing? Is there anything wroth skiing out of the summer Crabtree trailhead or anything else on this side of the Emigrant Wilderness worth skiing?

When you ski the Herring Creek Dome area where do you park? I also attached a map with the lines I am looking at skiing out of the Leland area, the lines in red are my planned skinning lines. Do you have any recommendation on which of these lines I should ski or are there lines that I dont have marked that you recommend?

The area you mentioned skiing East of Strawberry is it near Pikes Peak?  If not can you send me the coordinates or let me what the nearest forest service road to the turnout you are talking about?

Thank you,

Thanks, I ended up going out there from the top of Dodge.  The snow was good.  When the snow level is lower is there another way to get to the Burst area other than from the top of Dodge?
Do you have any idea if there is enough snow to ski the North East section of Burst Rock bowl or are there any other lines to ski that have enough snow in the 108 area? I am thinking of heading out there Saturday.


Randonee/AT/BC Skiing on 108 / Re: BC Skiing near 108
December 19, 2019, 05:06:34 PM
Thank you Rob.  Looking at Caltopo, from Cow Creek the bowl to the South(Punch Bowl) looks good and it looks like there might be some descent mellow skiing off the South side of the ridge that Bull Run Rock is on.  I am going to go check that area out.

Thank you,

Randonee/AT/BC Skiing on 108 / BC Skiing near 108
December 17, 2019, 12:38:26 PM
Hi, where do you guys recommend backcountry skiing? I do not have a snowmobile but I don't mind spending a night in the backcountry.  In the past I have skied the South and West side of Burst rock area and from there I have skied the bowl (South side of 4N34) that goes down near the Crabtree Trailhead area.  I have skied the Sonora pass and Leavitte Peak area and Burnt Bowl area from near Aspen Meadows pack station.   
Is there any skiing in the Herring Creek Dome/Pinecrest Peak area or Cooper Peak area?
Are there any routes to ski off the North side of 4N34 (the ridge trail that goes from top of Dodge out to Gianelli Trailhead) that will take me back to the bottom of chair 8 at Dodge?
Is there anything worth skiing in the Strawberry area or in the in the Emigrant Wilderness?