BE SURE TO POST AT LEAST ONCE!  I crop users that don't bother participating. No free rides.;) Tell us who you are? Where you climb at on 108 usually?  And beta is usually appreciated.

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includes some avy footage at the end
I'll probably be free about then. Sending digits in pm message...
Ordinarily I would! Unfortunately I'm working on what I think is lateral epicondylitis on the right elbow. So I'm useless to even belay for a couple more weeks. I can hike and point out features/routes?! Lol
No prob. Glad you got that ride into blue done! I haven't done that and since I've been running the sled whenever there is coverage its been hard to set the time aside to go up that way. Snow is melting fast now.

That's hilarious! That was me and my spouse. LOL
Didn't occur to me ask about the forum. Lol
Which one were you? :)
Best to launch from the Pass proper. The big sugar pine parking west of the Pass had sections of open meadow.

Boarder and a couple skiers got hitch rides back to the Pass in the back of my pick up yesterday. So the run down to blue canyon must be rideable.
The hwy and forest generally aren't restricted. I would not hesitate to ride bike up the hwy if interested. I'm still out but sounds like an awesome trip!
Good on ya!!
I haven't yet. I started looking at that area with a map a lot closer last couple years tho. Kind of an untapped adventure zone.
oh, and also, I think Team Duncan goes up from Pinecrest Lake side.
Yep, didn't realize the name, but found it on another map. But yeah. The pull out is at the turn off for FS road 5n32. Mellow skin up and out. Some boulders along the way that looked interesting.