BE SURE TO POST AT LEAST ONCE!  I crop users that don't bother participating. No free rides.;) Tell us who you are? Where you climb at on 108 usually?  And beta is usually appreciated.

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Randonee/AT/BC Skiing on 108 / BC Skiing near 108
December 17, 2019, 12:38:26 PM
Hi, where do you guys recommend backcountry skiing? I do not have a snowmobile but I don't mind spending a night in the backcountry.  In the past I have skied the South and West side of Burst rock area and from there I have skied the bowl (South side of 4N34) that goes down near the Crabtree Trailhead area.  I have skied the Sonora pass and Leavitte Peak area and Burnt Bowl area from near Aspen Meadows pack station.   
Is there any skiing in the Herring Creek Dome/Pinecrest Peak area or Cooper Peak area?
Are there any routes to ski off the North side of 4N34 (the ridge trail that goes from top of Dodge out to Gianelli Trailhead) that will take me back to the bottom of chair 8 at Dodge?
Is there anything worth skiing in the Strawberry area or in the in the Emigrant Wilderness?